The Big Sky Music Festival was inaugurated on July 20, 2019. It was a day filled with the greatest country music, artisan vendors, everything vintage, and fun even with the weather being warmer than expected.

Many artists are on the line-up to play. While there were several changes made to the program, the vibe of the music festival continues to sway everyone’s hips and heads with all the familiar country music from their favorite and prominent country music singers, artists, and musicians.

Some of the artists who performed during the Big Sky Music Festival were Jason McCoy, The Redhill Valleys, and the yodeling kid from Walmart, Mason Ramsey. All of them provided such a magnificent opening act despite the warm weather at high noon. Tim Hicks did a filling-in by doing an acoustic set at the 2 PM show. Big Sky and Republic Live made the call to Hicks, who happened to be at his family’s cottage fishing and drove an hour to bring such amazing music to all the more-than-a-thousand fans who came to the festival.

When Travis Tritt took on the stage, everyone starts to approach the stage out of their excitement to see this country music idol. Noting that he was the classic country headliner, the only one to be precise, that didn’t cancel for any venue issues. He had brought in some country songs and brought them all up to life. This is, perhaps, the most memorable everyone had ever since in the festival, even in their lifetime.

As dusk starts to settle in, Big & Rich Headline brought more amazing country music while everyone starts picnicking on their beers and dinners. It was even an auspicious show where they have brought a couple on stage where everyone got to witness their 35th-anniversary celebration through singing them their anniversary song.

Everyone enjoyed all the music amidst the delays and technical problems with the invited artists. Truly, it was another memorable country music festival to date.