A lot of country music artists were on the line-up for the 2019 Big Sky Music Festival, brought by Republic Live production. This happened on July 20, 2019, at the Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro-Medonte.

Three of the most prominent country musicians of all time were invited to the event along with their mothers. They were Alabama, Diamond Rio, and Travis Tritt. However, Alabama and Diamond Rio were not able to come due to technical and transportation challenges. Travis Tritt, however, was able to bring in his country music to everyone who attended the music festival.

Many well-established, sought-after, and viral country artists and musicians were brought on the Big Sky Music Festival stage to sing their renowned country music. Here is the line-up of all the country music artists to perform in the music festival:

2:00 – The Redhill Valleys

2:50 – Jason McCoy

4:00 – Mason Ramsey – The Walmart Yodeller

5:30 – Diamond Rio (Did Not Attend)

7:00 – Travis Tritt

9:00 – Big & Rich

The schedule has been noted to be subject to changes. As Diamond Rio was not able to come, Big & Rich filled in the schedule and played really good country music set to everyone while the sun was setting down. Travis Tritt did a lot of his country music that were all platinum records and were number 1 in country radio charts.

Mason Ramsey, however, was the country music artist that people were looking forward to seeing. After his viral yodeling video on Walmart, he has been touring around the country and is excited to sing for the Big Sky Music Festival.

Everyone had a great time listening to their favorite country music artists and the classic car show that came along with it. Everyone enjoyed camping on the festival grounds, eating the contents of their picnic basket while listening to good old country music from the famous country music artists in the nation.