One couldn’t also help but notice the fashionable trends people have been donning on themselves while attending the Boots & Hearts Music Festival. Here are five of them seen at the fishing festival.

Hawaiian Shirts

This has been considered as the top trend for fashion at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival. The beautiful floral prints on the shirt gave that festive vibe on the men who wore them at the venue. Only a few women who attended the music event donned Hawaiian clothes.

Fruit Prints on Shirts

Who wouldn’t love a fruity experience at a music festival? Well, those who wore them enjoy the apples, bananas, and citruses printed on their tee-shirts, polo shirts, and summer shirts as they attended the music festival.

Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirts

The black tee shirts, cut-off jean shorts, and red flannel shirt just gave the cowboy and cowgirl look onto the spotlight at the music festival.


If you are into country music, most musicians really wore a bandana. You should, too, if you want to express your love for country music.


A popular trend for both sexes, many just cut the overalls into short shorts with one strap on the shoulder while leaving the other hanging on the opposite arm. Who wouldn’t find this comfortable when this brings ventilation and fashion at the same time?