Best Songs for Vaping

Vaping like articles pour vapoteurs terrebonne already became more than just a habit— it became a lifestyle for many. It encourages people to go out, make friends, and socialize. Nevertheless, flocking together while vaping can’t be better without a good playlist. Young adults see the combination of vape and good music as an escape from their daily stressors. So, if you are looking for ideas, here are a few songs to begin with.

Misty Morning by Bob Marley

Every time people smoke, Bob Marley may be the first singer and artist people can think of. His Misty Morning has a fun and playful beat. Vapers can easily immerse into the calypso, bright song vibe. Despite its playful tone, its lyrics are somehow deep and hard to decode. It talks about life philosophies, and vapers would have to analyze its meaning as they enjoy inhaling and exhaling the smoke into the air.

Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

This rock classic is inspired by a true story of a devastating fire incident during the Frank Zappa event. This song has a well-defined beat and steady tempo, which is perfect for a wholesome vape session. Vapers can chill while listening to the music alone without needing to converse with each other.

Get Off My Cloud by Rolling Stones

Vapers surely know how iconic this music is. Adding this song into a vape session playlist will indeed enhance their atmosphere. However, most vapers prefer to listen to this alone than with a group. The attitude itself is stated in its title.

Get Off My Cloud is perfect for a solo ecstatic ride as vapers who do not want to talk or interact with others can truly relate to its lyrics. Introverted vapers love making clouds for their own without being bothered by how others see them. They can freely immerse into the rhythm and spend quality time with themselves after a long stressful day at work through a solo session.

Green Grass Vapors by Angie Stone

As the first rhythm and blues on the list, this music is perfect for smokers who need a submerge into a relaxing experience. The lyrics consist of phrases that talk about smoking. With that, it sets an ideal mood for a calm smoking session. Vapers would get lost in the music’s addictive rhythm as they go along with the lo-fi beats.

Vapor Trails by Ride

This playful alt-rock song is also great for a memorable vaping session with your close friends. Playing this song with your closest group of vapers will allow you to submerge in the music’s intoxicating tempo as you create your vapor trails.

Vaping and smoking are some of the most popular habits of thousands or millions of teens and young adults. People vape not only because it makes them look “cool” but because it also makes them feel more relaxed and calmer. Young adults and adolescents usually flock together in public places to vape while gaming, chit-chatting, skateboarding, and doing random activities together.