5 Songs That Help Boost Testosterone

Nowadays, music has become a part of our daily lives since it helps stimulate mood, decrease stress, maintain a healthy heart, induce sleep, and more. According to recent findings, it is perceived that just like pills that help with low testosterone, listening to music can also aid in boosting testosterone levels.
For this reason, we have appraised 5 effective songs you can play whilst at the gym or sleeping.
An important point to note is that music that affect testosterone levels…

Does CBD Enhance Creative Song Writing?

When Maya Angelou said, ‘You can’t use up creativity; the more you use, the more you have, one could argue if she saw into the future of CBD. Budpop says cannabinoids have been linked to the tendency to be more creative. This article breaks down the science behind this claim and leaves you to determine if these claims hold water.
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