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When Maya Angelou said, ‘You can’t use up creativity; the more you use, the more you have, one could argue if she saw into the future of CBD. Budpop says cannabinoids have been linked to the tendency to be more creative. This article breaks down the science behind this claim and leaves you to determine if these claims hold water.

Creativity and the Need to Get ‘High.’

The music industry thrives on the creative works of artists. The music projects and lyrical dexterity of an artiste are heavily influenced by their ability to create. However, this ability to create varies from one artist to another. It’s different strokes for different folks. For some artists, it comes naturally, and for others, it has to be induced.

For this reason, some artists turn to Cannabis to get ‘High.’ Getting ‘High’ helps them to be able to visualize concepts and ideas. It gives them the push they need to compose and create music.

So you know, the THC present in Cannabis is responsible for the ‘High’ feeling. This technique has proven to be a fail-proof method for some artists. Some artists have created phenomenal music projects just because they got ‘High.’

CBD Does The Same But Without The ‘High.’

CBD doesn’t get you ‘High.’ However, some artists have endorsed it as the reason for their increased creativity.

There is no research to date that gives credence to these claims. Nevertheless, CBD has been explained to aid the blood flow to the brain’s frontal lobe. This part of the brain is responsible for our creativity and ability to innovate. When artists get ‘High,’ they experience an increased blood flow to the brain. That is simply the science that explains the relationship between CBD and the brain.

Potential Benefits of CBD’s Influence on Creativity

● Creativity resurrection

Creativity is a spontaneous feeling, and it’s also short-lived. If CBD is proven scientifically as a booster for creativity, then every artist can give themselves a push when there is a block.

● More outstanding music releases

You never can tell how CBD would indirectly contribute to creating breathtaking playlists. Talented people create good music; music geniuses create hit music.

● The continuous flow of ideas

The ideas will never stop flowing if there is a CBD product to munch on, vape, or ingest.

● More money for the artists and their management

Ultimately, the artist makes money when the fans and listeners buy the music albums or pay for concert tickets. That is a good thing for the creative business.


While we await this revolutionary claim to be proven, we hope you find other ways to enhance your creativity. Take a jog. Read a book. Make new friends. Collaborate with other music artists. Your music is within you.