Nowadays, music has become a part of our daily lives since it helps stimulate mood, decrease stress, maintain a healthy heart, induce sleep, and more. According to recent findings, it is perceived that just like pills that help with low testosterone, listening to music can also aid in boosting testosterone levels.

For this reason, we have appraised 5 effective songs you can play whilst at the gym or sleeping.

An important point to note is that music that affect testosterone levels differ based on personal preferences. Therefore, our choices are suitable for most people to help pump up their moods.

1. Enter Sandman by Metallica

This 90s masterpiece was created by a renowned band, Metallica, and includes rock music features. Due to the heavy drumbeat, this track has been proven to be an ideal antidote for fatigue and low testosterone.

In addition, the lyrics of this song were inspired by the concept of a legendary creature that usually appeared at night to sprinkle sand on children’s eyes. As a result, this would induce dreams or sleep.

2. Power by Kanye West

Now, here is a song that anyone can vibe to. The title alone can leave you feeling powerful after a tiresome day at the gym. In addition, the lyrics of this song revolve around mental health among other stress-stimulating issues, which makes it a perfect choice for powering up your testosterone levels.

Power was brought about by a 1969 song, 21st Century Schizoid Man, by King Crimson band. It was also inspired by a 1969 masterpiece titled Its Your Thing by The Isley Brothers.

3. Chop Suey! by System Of A Down

Chop Suey was the first single of the American band, System of a Down. In 2002, the band was excited to receive their first Grammy award for the best metal piece.

Chop Suey is about how the world tends to handle us differently usually based on our day-to-day practices, personality, and more. In return, this means that every individual deserves death. For instance, if an individual dies from drug addiction, then some people would conclude that they deserved it.

With a song like this, it is probable to note a gradual increase in the levels of testosterone.

4. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses

Any song by Guns N’ Roses will have your testosterone levels surging quickly but the most recommended song would be Welcome to the Jungle. The lyrics were brought about by one of the band’s members’ experience when he was alighting a bus in New York City and a homeless man scared him by shouting that he had just entered a jungle and that he was going to die.

5. Paranoid by Black Sabbath

Paranoid is another heavy metal music that will leave your testosterone levels shooting up. With Ozzy Osbourne in the track, you can rest assured that the song is full of heavy drumming and riffs.